Experience the special brands of traditional, homemade and ready-made Middle Eastern food.

The middle eastern is yummy delicious, and may serve every taste. The dishes and tastes may suite vegetarians with amazing dishes based on herbs, vegetables, or even green leaves only. It may also be very complicated for a novice cook with dishes that require hours and days of preparation with every possible type of chicken, beef, or lamb meat.

Dips and Entrees based on seeds, herbs, or meat, or any combination in between are also popular in Middle Eastern food

Usually a table of full Mediterranean meal, is simply full! (‘Sufra’ in Arabic)

Lots of side dishes with dips and salads, vegetables, pickles, olives, breads, and more.

Also almost every table will serve no salt or pepper, but traditionally olive oil and squeezed lemons as dressing.

Images from food.ndtv.com

Sufra is common for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whenever one is hungry or just feeling like enjoying a good taste of food and company.

So start feeling the taste of your next yummy meal.

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Sahteen (Bon Appétit)

In this site you can learn where to find in Melbourne:


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