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Yallateef’ Cookbook – Marwa Makool

After 14 years of sharing her innovative and delicious recipes with you at Oasis Bakery, Marwa Makool, head chef and owner, has finally launched her first cookbook Yallateef!

A beautiful collection of 85 delicious recipes with mouth wateringly vibrant photographs throughout accompanying

For more information.. Yallateef’ Cookbook





Abla’s Cookbook – Abla Amad

Everything is well set out – the ingredient lists are clear and the instructions are straightforward. This is a book that makes it easy to recreate your own Lebanese banquet. Many of the dishes are photographed, but not all of them and there are no lengthy series of photos detailing complex step-by-step preparations – this is a book that assumes a basic competency in the kitchen. Each chapter is introduced with Abla’s own recollections about the food it covers, what its personal meaning is, and I thoroughly enjoyed the rich insights that these stories provided.

For more information..Abla’s Cookbook



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