Recipes – medinmelb DIY

These are some of my favorite recipes that I enjoy preparing often, they are simple, easy, and healthy.
If you have trouble buying the ingredients, see my posts on shops and restaurants.

Rice and Beef (4 serves)

Rice is a basic dish in middle eastern kitchen, and rice with beef and almonds is in my opinion is the most elegant and tasty of them. This dish is easy to prepare, and could be a quick healthy meal for kids with salad or yogurt, but also can serve as a clever and impressive dish to impress your guests

Here’s how I prepare it:


1 cup of Rice
400 g mince beef
2 cups of water
2 T-spoons vegetable oil
1 t-spoon salt
1 t-spoon mixed spices
Optional: 50 g fried almond slices with a hint of oil


preheat a medium size pan on the stove medium heat

Add the oil and Heat it

Add the beef and cook it tell brown

Add the spices and mix well

Add the rice and mix

Add the water and the salt mix well and bring it to boiling

Low the heat, cover the pan and keep it for 15 minutes

Take it of the stove and keep it cover for more 5 minutes


This dish may be served as side-dish, and adding the optional almonds as decoration is recommended

This also be served as a quick main dish with vegetables salad or yogurt.


More Recipes

Hummus Dip

Hummus in Arabic means chickpeas, it is a very widespread dip in the middle east, and probably every household has their own family secrret recipe with slight variations.

Basically it’s chickpeas, tahina (sesame paste), lemon, salt, garlic, and water mixed and served cold or hot.

I like this meal because it’s both vegetarian and a filling meal. It is also a good source of fibers, iron, proteins and vitamins. In short, healthy and yummy.

You can (should) server it with olive oil, pickles, and olives, and my recommended dressing is thinly chopped parsley.


Image from



Tabouleh is an extremely tasty salad from the most simple ingredients: cracked wheat and parsley! Surely you should add salt, lemon, olive oil, spring onion  and mint (just like with any other Mediterranean salad)

Possible additions may include: cucumber and tomato (both finely chopped), pomegranate!


Image from


The word in Arabic means up-side-down. Simply, it’s a dish of cooked vegetables, choice of meat or chicken, then adding rice (without stirring) and cooking. However, in for the last ten minutes of cooking, a special trick is needed: cover the pot with a tray, turn them upside-down and cook for the last ten minutes (the tray side is down)


Image from

Fatayer is the traditional Arabic stuffed pastry, and could be vegetarian or not.


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