Shops – medinmelb groceries

A middle eastern shop in Melbourne for me is a great way to visit back home.

I’d love to know about more shops to visit around in Melbourne.
Leave me your comments!

Baladi  on Brady road (Dandenong North)

Baladi is a great small shop with almost everything I need, as they serve a wide variety of middle eastern groceries. Every visit to Baladi is like visiting a shop in my home town; the atmosphere is friendly, warm, and middle eastern.

Also they always have small new surprises reminding me on childhood and home (like seasonal raw green almonds, or even a floor mop I’m used to use from home 🙂

They also serve prepared food, like Falafel, Manakish, and Pastries, including catering for events if needed.


Oasis Bakery

Oasis bakery is well known for the residents of Caulfield. They have a fully stocked mini-market with middle eastern groceries; also they have a fine restaurants of middle eastern dishes, and for the enthusiastic they also provide cooking workshops!

I like their restaurants and recommend it to friends, especially that their meals are clearly presented and you can easily order by pointing at a meal without knowing it’s name 🙂

Follow the link, visit the place, and enjoy.








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